Here we will discuss about coil winding machine used for pickup coils

winding pickup coil

Here we will discuss about coil winding machine used for pickup coils. Most of the pickup coils have high no. of turns wound with fine wire so that it becomes more powerful to induce AC voltage at the output of the coil. Hence for winding pickup coil proper selection of winding machine is more important. The winding machines with specific features mentioned below are more suitable for pickup coil winding.

Manual winding machine or Automatic winding machine: For pickup coils automatic winding machine is recommendedfor two reasons. firstly to wind high no. of turns with fine wire on manual winding machine would not be possible as there are chances of braking wire with uneven tension when wire guided with hand and second is as the turns are more for pickup coils, the speed of the machine should be higher which is not achieved in manual winding machine.

Now as we have concluded that automatic or programmable winding machines are better choice, we will now look for the features required.

Speed Control: The machine should have the complete control of the winding speed including starting and stopping speed. The machine should have soft start or it should start the spindle with slow speed and gradually increase the speed so the wire don’t brake. Similarly the stopping should be gradual as the wire passing through the pulleys are rotating at high speed and when the winding stops, these pulleys should also come to standstill else will pull the wire from the spool and eventually derail from the pulleys. So the best selection of speed control should be individual control of soft start, winding speed and soft stop. The machine should be such that for every winding setup the soft start and stop should be programmable in terms of turn. Acme Mechatronics offers best possible speed control with individual control of acceleration and deceleration in terms of turn while the speed can be set in terms of percentage of maximum speed of the machine.

Tension: As the wire is fine or thin, tension plays important part in winding pickup coil. The tensioner unit should be such that it can be set for very fine tension. There are various tensioners available including servo tensioners. But the servo tensioners are too expensive for such winding application. Graduated tensioner units are best suitable where fine setting is available for winding such coils and is economical choice. Below is the picture of graduated tensioner unit offered by Acme Mechatronics, Inc.

Tailstock:The other accessory is tailstock but it’s not compulsion to use. It only helps in quick loading and unloading without applying additional pressure on the wound coil as there may be chances of damaging the top layer wound while pulling the bobbin from the tool mounted on the spindle of the machine.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. has the suitable AEX series machine with single spindle or multispindle for winding pickup coils. It has got all the features like soft start, soft stop, programmable speed alongwith optional graduated tensioner unit.

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