Coil winding equipment is used for winding electrical coils which has wide application

Coil Winding Equipment

winding-equipmentCoil winding equipment is used for winding electrical coils which has wide application.

Understanding Coils

Coil is nothing but loops of wire wound on a core and core can be of magnetic material or air. Generally the loops are in specific numbers as per the application and function of the coils. This makes the importance of coil winding equipment to manufacture electrical coils. The coils differ in the length, no. of wound turns and core. Below are the pictures of various coils for various applications.

Coil-Winding-EquipmentFrom the picture of various coils it shows that variety of coils exists. Hence various design, construction and operation of coils are necessary.

Main attributes of coils are as below

Sr. No.
Attributes of coil
Unit of measurement
Mutual Inductance
XL or XC
Coil Efficiency

With so many attributes is becomes important that manufacturing of coils is very important.
Below is the video of winding coil on a programmable coil winding equipment.

Present days winding equipment

Modern technology is advancing fast and so the winding equipment are now even more advance then old mechanically designed coil winding equipment. Now a days machine have programmable features to manufacture wide variety of coils on a same winding machine. Various coil winding equipments are designed depending on its capabilities to manufacture coils. Below are some of the pictures of coil winding equipments.

To make winding equipment having wider winding capabilities more and more programmable features are added. Some of the key controlling parameters are the speed of winding and the programmable traverse unit. Remaining parameters might not be key but would be helpful to achieve one or the other coil winding requirement like programmable direction of winding which helps in winding in phase and out of phase coils. Soft start and soft stop of spindle rotation to have smooth winding for very few turns to tens of thousands of turns alongwith wire thickness. Soft start features are helpful for winding fine wire coils while soft stop feature is helpful is achieving turns accuracy. When wire is very fine of thinner, the ramping in winding speed should be very slow else there are chances of braking off wire and when turns accuracy is required the soft stop is important as the machine will slow down before it reaches its final turns else there will be overshoot in winding turns. Such various parameters of machines help in winding variety of coils. In future we will discuss of various parameters in details.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is manufacturing coil winding equipment with wide programmable parameters and also offers more than 30 models of coil winding equipment depending on its winding capabilities.

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