Motor Coil Winding Machine : CNC winding machine for motor stator coils

Motor Coil Winding Machine

motor-winding-machineMotors in today’s world are key component to provide motion to any device. This makes the reason to design wide variety of motors. Some different types of motor are induction motor, DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, torque motors, etc. Again within each category there are various motors depending on its ratings and construction. Out of all the most widely used motors are induction motor. Currently we will discuss about this motors.

Induction motor has two main component viz. core and winding. Core or the body is purely depending on the material selection while winding becomes more dependable on the winding machine.Hence special winding machines are designed with specific features to wind motor coils. When the machine is built to wind motor coils, the machine needs to have special features.

Two basic motor winding machines are available in the market or should be available in the market. One is for production and other is for repair workshop. The main feature to wind motor coils are its capability to have multi section winding possibility. The motor coil consists of successive coils having few turns in each coil. The successive coils can be upto 16 coils with single start and finish terminal. These coils are wound on the Arbours of different shapes and size depending on the motor design and rating. Arbours are key to defining winding capabilities of the machine So the machine should be able to hold such a long arbour. Here we will discuss about motor coil winding machines for production purpose while for motor winding machines for repair workshop would be discussed later.

Main features for motor coil winding machine is to have successive coil winding capability and should be programmable so it can perform wide variety of motor rating.

Advantages of Programmable / CNC winding machine for motor stator coils are

  • 0.05 turns accuracy
  • 16 coils per winding cycle
  • 100% repeatability
  • Soft start and soft stop avoids wire breaking
  • Minimum setup time with 50 program memory
  • Independent of operator’s skill
  • Very high production
  • Constant tension to avoid elongation of wire
  • Equal resistance of every coil
  • Ease in insertion of coil in stator due to layer wound coils
  • Reduction in joints of coil
  • Flexibility to use various formers on single mandrel

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is offering various models of motor coil winding machine depending on the diagonal length of the motor coil alongwith various options of tensioner units. Also the tooling or the mandrel plays important role in producing motor coils and it should be designed in such a way that minimum time is required to remove the coils after winding as the coils will get tighten on the mandrel once wound making it difficult to remove from the mandrel.

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