Manual winding machines are the cheapest and most easiest machine to wind coil

Manual Coil Winding Machine

The coils are of infinite design and applications and so the winding machine has to be there to make such coils. Manual winding machines are the cheapest and most easiest machine to wind coil. To build the coil the most important part is the rotation of the coil on which the wire is been wound. Hence the spindle becomes important part of the manual winding machine. A simple counter is coupled to the spindle rotation to display the turns wound on the coil. The counter is having reset options when a new coil is wound.

In manual winding machine the spindle can be rotated with two options. One is with hand and other with the motor coupled on the spindle. Manual winding machines came with the solution to wind coils. The machine is simple that it can be built at any workshop. When the coils are to be wound in few numbers or when the coils are been under development, manual winding machines are the best option as the cost of the machine justifies the requirement. Manual winding machine also sometimes come with traverse mechanism which is manually handled. With the help of this traverse the spreading of the turns wound is better and it would not be dependable on the operator.

The switching of the direction of layer is done manually by the operator by just shifting the lever form left to right or from right to left. This traverse is coupled with the spindle rotation through the rubber roller and gears. In other words the manual winding machine with only spindle has been incorporated with the traverse unit to minimise the operator’s skills requirement. The picture is of manual winding machine with spindle and counter alongwith handle to rotate the spindle manually.


With manual winding machine there are some limitations as mentioned below:

  1. Basic coil can be wound with poor quality.
  2. The turns cannot be accurate as well the tension of the wire will not be equal.
  3. The time taken to wind the coils is more.
  4. The repeatability of the coil is not possible and there will be difference in every coil.
  5. Somewhat skilled operator is required to perform the winding as both the hands are used to wind the coil and it is not easy for unexperienced operator to rotate the spindle and guide the wire at a time with two hands.
  6. Chances of getting hurt as the fine wire sometimes cuts the figure.

Due to many disadvantages, Acme Mechatronics, Inc. have developed coil winding machine with programmable functions so the best quality of coils can be wound with high production and high repeatability. Acme Mechatronics offers wide variety of machines to wind simple to complex coils with automated functions.

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