Types of Coil Winding Machine:

Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer

Today’s world is growing fast and so the requirement of the automated products. When any product is automated, there will the some sort of power used which might be either electrical mechanical or both. Almost all the products operated by electrical power will have coils to transform the power in one or the other way. This makes the requirement of the coil winding machines in the manufacturing of product involving of using electrical power. Due to this the coil winding machine requirement is intensive in today’s Industries.

The function of the coils in the product is either to convert the level of the power in form of current or voltage or frequency. Depending on this the coils are designed and as per the coils the winding machines are required. The coils might have few turns to thousands of turns in single coil. This makes the requirement of the coil winding machine which can be hand operated, semi-automatic coil winding machines or complete automatic coil winding system.

coil-winding-machine-usaHand operated winding machines are simple and can also be build in-house or at college with very little knowledge of mechanical rotating components. This hand operated machines can be used to wind the coils where the coils have few turns to hundreds of turn in the coil. Basic hand operated coil winding machine consist of the handle mounted on the gear and with multi gears the shaft is mounted on the final output gear on which the coils are rotated. When the multi gears are involved the labour of the operator to rotate the coil is drastically reduced as for single manually rotation of the handle, multi turns are been wound on the coil.

Semiautomatic coil winding machines are the one where basis winding operation is done by the machine which can be achieved either by mechanical or electronics control. While other operation like loading or unloading of the coils is done by the operator including wire termination. Basic requirement of the coiling parameters like no. of turns to be wound, width of the coil within which the wire is to be wound are controlled by the machine. Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is involved in manufacturing semi automatic coil winding machines in wide range to fulfil the coiling requirement for wide applications.

Automatic coil winding machines are the one where all the coiling operation is been done by the machine. The turns in the coils may be in thousands. This automatic coil winding machines will perform the loading of coils, winding and unloading of coils including wire termination.

Every type of coil winding machines has its own pros and cons. We will discuss each and every type of machines in depth in future.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is expert in the field of the coil winding machines and can be visited at acmemechatronics.com for any of your queries about coils or coil winding machines.

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