The Fundamentals of a Toroidal Coil Winding Machine

Toroidal coils form an integral part of many electrical and electronic innovations. For those who do not have much information about Toroidal coils, such coils are toroids (a donut-like shape) precisely wrapped with a metal coil. Copper wires are used in wrapping these coils. This component is used in transformers and inductors. When such coils are manufactured in a variety of dimensions and materials, it enables them to be used in various applications which are mentioned below:

  • Toroidal coils help control the performance of current toroid-winding-machinetransformers, power transformers, potential transformers and inductors.
  • These coils also help to reduce the resistance in electrical and electronic setup.
  • They are used in audio systems, UPS, light fixtures, medical electronic gadgets, robotic assemblies, etc.
  • In the automobile industry, toroidal coils are also used in the form of ignition coils to generate a controlled magnetic field.
  • One of the most prominent advantages of using them is that they do not leak much energy into their surroundings.

High-efficiency toroid coil winding machines wrap solenoids and toroids with copper wire. Toroidal coil winding machines are now required in every production and manufacturing industry. These machines are needed for countless electrical products. The process of toroidal winding requires the need for the transfer of wire from main spool to a circular magazine. After that the wire is unwounded from the magazine onto a magnetic core.

Coil winding machines are available in the market with manual or automated mechanism. They are used for winding individual coils or a group of coils. A coil is termed as a chain of loops. The winding equipment possesses inbuilt accessories some of which include inductors, coils, multi-featured and multi-functional transformers, choke and relay in a few models etc.

Toroidal winding machines must be designed with utmost perfection so that they can be used easily. Some machines are designed in such a way that they can be controlled by microprocessors. Tape head control, quick change winding heads, wire length calculation, cascading, deceleration etc. are many other features that can be installed in the machine for easier use. Toroidal coil winding machines are in heavy demand since they have high functioning, low maintenance, smooth working and are reliable and long lasting.

With the changing times, many coil winding machine manufacturers are coming up with a medium to large capacity machines to meet their customers’ requirements. At ACME Mechatronics, you can avail multiple sizes and unique products which can suffice all your specific needs. Our winding machines are able to give precise control of winding tension and durable life so as to assure customer’s satisfaction to the highest level. We also design machines that can cater random layer windings. Our toroidal winding machines can be used for production of transformer primary windings, high frequency toroidal coils, energy meter coils, etc.

If you are looking for a toroidal winding machine, then you can undoubtedly choose ACME as your go-to dealer. You can trust us because we use premium quality materials. Our skilled and experienced engineers keep a regular quality check on the machinery. Call us now and get the quotes!

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