Automatic and Multi-Functional Coil Winding Machines

multi-coil-winding-machineSome of the most important advantages of using an electrical coil are mentioned below. Electrical coils find their use in many different industries such as electronics, telecommunications, power supply, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and industrial control organizations. They are also used in generating a controlled magnetic field that allows an efficient flow of current.

These coils prevent unnecessary leakage of energy into the surrounding environment. On the basis of their respective usage and the type of industry, these coils are manufactured in different patterns, shapes, sizes and diameters. For proper functioning of motor winding machines also, we require these coils. Many companies have a frequent requirement of such coils and thus, they prefer developing these coils themselves by using winding machines. These machines are basically used in textile industries for wrapping cords, yarns, tapes, strings, ropes, threads, wires, ribbons and many other things.

Companies can contact automatic winding machine manufacturers online to buy winding machines. Small businesses like electronics repairing centers can buy small size coil winding machines or manual coil winding machines. You can find different features and specifications of a winding machine on the dealer’s website. By doing a good amount of research and comparing different machines, you can select the best winding machine that suits your budget and the one that meets your requirements. You can consult with the companies representatives who can guide you through the purchase process or you can also leave a query on their website.

ACME MECHATRONICS is a manufacturer of winding machines in the United States. Its products are of high quality and multi-functional. They also distribute various other add-on equipments like:

  • An auto feeder that is used in feeding the bobbins during the entire coil winding operationsix-coil-AEX-MC.
  • A bobbin holder that can hold the bobbins which will be wound when the other set of bobbins is in the process of winding.
  • A bobbin remover attached with the winding machine that can remove the bobbins which are already wound when the fresh bobbins are getting loaded for the winding operation.
  • Inductive parameters measuring equipment: This device can be interfaced with the coil winding machine to measure the important electrical parameters just after the coil is wound.

ACME is a powerhouse of mechanical and electrical manufacturing innovation. They implement the best technology in order to provide you with the most efficient and prompt services. They provide their clients with a complete solution that is tailored according to their manufacturing and winding needs. ACME has a vast experience in fulfilling all types of winding needs. Their equipments are known to provide speedy performance and reducing the human effort. For placing a winding machine order with them, you may log on to their website

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