The Fundamentals of a Coil Winding Machine Explained

winding-machineA coil winding machine is an instrument that is used for creating coils that are tightly and evenly bound. It is used to produce a number of important electronic items for daily use like home electronics and commercial packaging of products that are usually sold in coils.

The mechanics of an electronic coil winding machine are simple. People who have a sound knowledge of electronics can build them on their own with a little help. In the market, there are many producers that manufacture these devices in various shapes and sizes. They also have accessory options.

For the coiling process to take place in a proper manner, the material must be evenly distributed on a core. This is applicable when you want to produce one layer of coil or more than one. Another important aspect to consider is the tension which should remain even throughout the winding process. To create evenly shaped coils, the coil winding machine must maintain even distribution and tension.

Some coil winding machines can only produce one coil at a time while there are many others that can wind an array of coils simultaneously. Coil winders can act as standalone devices or may be attached to a production line. They can produce electromagnets, inductors and cables.

coil-winderIndustrial coil winding machines possess a number of features like automatic splicing ability. This is a special feature that ensures that the same amount of material is used in every coil without any wastage. They are cut automatically when the machine detects the right size and weight. Additionally, this machine can also interleave foil sheets onto the coil to protect it against damage during transit.

In manual coil winding machines, an operator monitors and controls the device with either a hand crank or a foot pump. These machines are normally used for small projects. Automatic coil winders, on the other hand, run with controller. Industrial coil winding machines have a safety stop button which turns off the device in case of a problem.

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