Why do you need Transformer Winding Machine?

Transformer Winding MachineTransformers are a major part of many electromagnetic devices and there is a huge and ongoing demand for manufacturing transformers that are used for various purposes. One of the most important equipment that is required in the manufacturing of the transformers is the transformer winding machine. The transformer winding machines are used heavily in specific industries such as telecommunications and electronics. These industries use small, medium and large coils as per their requirement. Even a few years ago the coil winders as well as the transformer winders were manual and they used to perform with manual assistance. However with the latest transformer winding machines coming to the market the process has becomes faster and smoother. These latest automatic machines provide error free performance and they are quite flexible to various industrial requirements. These energy efficient and durable transformer winding machines offer defect free manufactured items, very little downtime and an overall increase of the bottom lines.

An automatic transformer winding machine does a lot of jobs apart from just winding transformer coils. The wound coils are majorly used for the transformers trigger coils, solenoids, motors and telecom transformers. The transformer winder machines come with different specifications and thus depending on the size of the coils, you must choose the machine. These latest machines come packed with an interesting range of features that helps you to have better operations and professional results. The best thing about these machines is that these features are not just limited to winding only. There are various other uses like traversing, de spooling and tension. So it can very well prove to be quite an efficient and time saving machine.

The modernised transformer winding machine comes with a bright LCD screen that enables you to choose the required size of the coils that is to be wound, its speed and the turns. These machines are available in three major categories that include:

  • Light duty machine
  • Medium duty machine
  • Heavy duty machine

The transformer winding machines does an extensive job for various industries and thus having a low maintenance and low downtime is very important. The latest machines do come with features that help you to have low cost maintenance and very low downtime. This increases productivity to a great extent and also helps in saving production cost on the whole. Buying the latest machine may cost you quite a bit, but in the long run it will help you cut down on your production cost on a large scale. It would be a wise decision to buy the latest and automatic transformer winding machine while you are thinking of installing one in your manufacturing unit. You can get a variety of machines if you are searching for one in the market.

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