Importance of Coil Winding Machines

The industry of coil winding process has been growing at the enormous rate. It is mainly the transformer industry that requires various types of coils. There are plenty of electric and electromagnetic applications which are depended upon the coils for their functioning. But, to develop a coil, you need to invest in a high-end coil winder and what is it. There is an ardent need to know its features. Let’s understand its attributes as well as importance.

Coil Winding

Coil Winder and its Benefits

If you are an entrepreneur of a mechanical or an electrical business, you should be aware of a coil winder and its notable characteristics. It is a machine that is used for the creation of tight and evenly wound coils. In fact, it forms an integral part of all the electrical devices which are used in a manufacturing company. Besides its industrial usage, it is equally in high demand for various types of home appliances as well. Without it, it is difficult to carry out different tasks of the machines and devices.

Coil winding machines come in multiple types and capabilities. It is important to note that to get the maximum benefit. You need to make use of a robust and high performing coil winder instead. As per your requirement, you can choose between a manually operated or any automatic coil winding or motor winding machine.

Automatic coil winding machines come with various features and they have many uses as well. For instance:

  • It is used in the electrical industries to produce transformers
  • It is used in the solenoids and other electrical devices
  • It is used in the telecommunication industry to run the transformers

With the right type of coil winder, you can get a lot of benefits. Now, let us find out the benefits of using the automatic coil winding machines.

  • They are versatile and easy to install as well as operate
  • They can deliver stable operation with a lower failure rate
  • They can reduce labor requirements which in turn reduce production costs

Winding Machines

Winding requirements can be medium or heavy duty, but you need to ensure that it provides error-free and consistent capacity for smooth functioning.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Coil Winding Machine 

Keep the following factors into consideration before you make an investment in the coil winding machines.

  1. Ensure that it uses good quality wire
  2. Quality of the machine must remain perfect
  3. Reliability and production efficiency
  4. Return on the Investment
  5. Cycle Time
  6. Running cost of the machines

Features of Motor Winding Machines

Motor winding machines are used for the manufacturing of electric coils for the solenoids, reactance and distribution of power transformers. B series motor winding machines are used for the power transformers consisting of tailstock and headstock offer speed control, face plate and foot pedal. Whereas, C series motor winding machines, consisting of the head stock offer speed settings, face the plate and foot pedal.

Two main factors to consider while choosing a motor winding machine is wire diameter and coil dimensions. Apart from these, shape of the coil, cos, production rate and design are some other important parameters to consider.

Motor winding machines are abundantly used in multiple industries with different types of applications. Whenever you are planning to buy a coil winder, you need to look for the most reputed manufacturers in the market. Proper research will help you learn. It will help you make an informed decision.

There are countless reputed manufacturers and suppliers like ACME Mechatronics who design and supply winding machines to meet customers’ specific demands. So, you need to choose the right one which suit to your requirements.

Here we will discuss about coil winding machine used for pickup coils

winding pickup coil

Here we will discuss about coil winding machine used for pickup coils. Most of the pickup coils have high no. of turns wound with fine wire so that it becomes more powerful to induce AC voltage at the output of the coil. Hence for winding pickup coil proper selection of winding machine is more important. The winding machines with specific features mentioned below are more suitable for pickup coil winding.

Manual winding machine or Automatic winding machine: For pickup coils automatic winding machine is recommendedfor two reasons. firstly to wind high no. of turns with fine wire on manual winding machine would not be possible as there are chances of braking wire with uneven tension when wire guided with hand and second is as the turns are more for pickup coils, the speed of the machine should be higher which is not achieved in manual winding machine.

Now as we have concluded that automatic or programmable winding machines are better choice, we will now look for the features required.

Speed Control: The machine should have the complete control of the winding speed including starting and stopping speed. The machine should have soft start or it should start the spindle with slow speed and gradually increase the speed so the wire don’t brake. Similarly the stopping should be gradual as the wire passing through the pulleys are rotating at high speed and when the winding stops, these pulleys should also come to standstill else will pull the wire from the spool and eventually derail from the pulleys. So the best selection of speed control should be individual control of soft start, winding speed and soft stop. The machine should be such that for every winding setup the soft start and stop should be programmable in terms of turn. Acme Mechatronics offers best possible speed control with individual control of acceleration and deceleration in terms of turn while the speed can be set in terms of percentage of maximum speed of the machine.

Tension: As the wire is fine or thin, tension plays important part in winding pickup coil. The tensioner unit should be such that it can be set for very fine tension. There are various tensioners available including servo tensioners. But the servo tensioners are too expensive for such winding application. Graduated tensioner units are best suitable where fine setting is available for winding such coils and is economical choice. Below is the picture of graduated tensioner unit offered by Acme Mechatronics, Inc.

Tailstock:The other accessory is tailstock but it’s not compulsion to use. It only helps in quick loading and unloading without applying additional pressure on the wound coil as there may be chances of damaging the top layer wound while pulling the bobbin from the tool mounted on the spindle of the machine.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. has the suitable AEX series machine with single spindle or multispindle for winding pickup coils. It has got all the features like soft start, soft stop, programmable speed alongwith optional graduated tensioner unit.

Coil winding equipment is used for winding electrical coils which has wide application

Coil Winding Equipment

winding-equipmentCoil winding equipment is used for winding electrical coils which has wide application.

Understanding Coils

Coil is nothing but loops of wire wound on a core and core can be of magnetic material or air. Generally the loops are in specific numbers as per the application and function of the coils. This makes the importance of coil winding equipment to manufacture electrical coils. The coils differ in the length, no. of wound turns and core. Below are the pictures of various coils for various applications.

Coil-Winding-EquipmentFrom the picture of various coils it shows that variety of coils exists. Hence various design, construction and operation of coils are necessary.

Main attributes of coils are as below

Sr. No.
Attributes of coil
Unit of measurement
Mutual Inductance
XL or XC
Coil Efficiency

With so many attributes is becomes important that manufacturing of coils is very important.
Below is the video of winding coil on a programmable coil winding equipment.

Present days winding equipment

Modern technology is advancing fast and so the winding equipment are now even more advance then old mechanically designed coil winding equipment. Now a days machine have programmable features to manufacture wide variety of coils on a same winding machine. Various coil winding equipments are designed depending on its capabilities to manufacture coils. Below are some of the pictures of coil winding equipments.

To make winding equipment having wider winding capabilities more and more programmable features are added. Some of the key controlling parameters are the speed of winding and the programmable traverse unit. Remaining parameters might not be key but would be helpful to achieve one or the other coil winding requirement like programmable direction of winding which helps in winding in phase and out of phase coils. Soft start and soft stop of spindle rotation to have smooth winding for very few turns to tens of thousands of turns alongwith wire thickness. Soft start features are helpful for winding fine wire coils while soft stop feature is helpful is achieving turns accuracy. When wire is very fine of thinner, the ramping in winding speed should be very slow else there are chances of braking off wire and when turns accuracy is required the soft stop is important as the machine will slow down before it reaches its final turns else there will be overshoot in winding turns. Such various parameters of machines help in winding variety of coils. In future we will discuss of various parameters in details.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is manufacturing coil winding equipment with wide programmable parameters and also offers more than 30 models of coil winding equipment depending on its winding capabilities.

Pickup coil winding machine by ACME Mehcatronics USA

pickup-coil-winding-machinePickup coils have an intensive use in electric guitars. Apart from guitar application, such coils are used to convert any form of energy into electrical energy. Basic pickup coil consists of magnets, bobbin and copper wire. Magnets are alloy which are generally in the center of the bobbin and the wire is wrapped about the magnet for which the bobbins are been used. For pickup coils the main design is high numbers of turns of fine wire generally 42 or 43 guage. When fine wire are to be wound some special care is to be taken.

In most of the case the turns are in high value around 6000 to 12000 turns and so the speed of winding should be high. The shape of the pickup coil is generally rectangle and when winding is done on the rectangle shape bobbin, the tension becomes uneven within one turns. At two locations the wire is pulled intensively and at two bobbin positions the tension is relieved. For such a winding profile with fine wire wound, the tension becomes important role. So the best choice of winding machine for winding pickup coil is high speed automatic programmable winding machines alongwith graduated tensioner units for fine setting of tension. Using programmable pickup coil winding machine will help in controlling the winding speed alongwith soft start and soft stop. With soft start features available in machine, the braking of wire is avoided or even elongation of the fine wire is avoided. And using fine adjustable tensioner unit the possibility of braking of wire is also avoided alongwith increase in quality winding.

Acme mechatronics, Inc. offers AEX-01 or AEX-02 alongwith graduated tensioner unit to wind guitar pickup coils.

Below picture show the two coils as a time of guitar pickup coil. This machines has the capability to program most of the parameters like wire guage, winding width, starting point of the turns, soft start, soft stop, speed, etc.

Many times when the coil is wound, due to the pressure of wound turns, the bobbin flange expands which affects the functionality of the pickup coil so to avoid the expansion of the bobbin flanges additional accessory is used which will give support from the other side of the bobbin and this accessory is termed as tail stock. Not only this helps to avoid expanding of the bobbin flange but also it helps in quick loading and unloading of the bobbin.

For more information and inquiry please contact us.

Motor Coil Winding Machine : CNC winding machine for motor stator coils

Motor Coil Winding Machine

motor-winding-machineMotors in today’s world are key component to provide motion to any device. This makes the reason to design wide variety of motors. Some different types of motor are induction motor, DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, torque motors, etc. Again within each category there are various motors depending on its ratings and construction. Out of all the most widely used motors are induction motor. Currently we will discuss about this motors.

Induction motor has two main component viz. core and winding. Core or the body is purely depending on the material selection while winding becomes more dependable on the winding machine.Hence special winding machines are designed with specific features to wind motor coils. When the machine is built to wind motor coils, the machine needs to have special features.

Two basic motor winding machines are available in the market or should be available in the market. One is for production and other is for repair workshop. The main feature to wind motor coils are its capability to have multi section winding possibility. The motor coil consists of successive coils having few turns in each coil. The successive coils can be upto 16 coils with single start and finish terminal. These coils are wound on the Arbours of different shapes and size depending on the motor design and rating. Arbours are key to defining winding capabilities of the machine So the machine should be able to hold such a long arbour. Here we will discuss about motor coil winding machines for production purpose while for motor winding machines for repair workshop would be discussed later.

Main features for motor coil winding machine is to have successive coil winding capability and should be programmable so it can perform wide variety of motor rating.

Advantages of Programmable / CNC winding machine for motor stator coils are

  • 0.05 turns accuracy
  • 16 coils per winding cycle
  • 100% repeatability
  • Soft start and soft stop avoids wire breaking
  • Minimum setup time with 50 program memory
  • Independent of operator’s skill
  • Very high production
  • Constant tension to avoid elongation of wire
  • Equal resistance of every coil
  • Ease in insertion of coil in stator due to layer wound coils
  • Reduction in joints of coil
  • Flexibility to use various formers on single mandrel

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is offering various models of motor coil winding machine depending on the diagonal length of the motor coil alongwith various options of tensioner units. Also the tooling or the mandrel plays important role in producing motor coils and it should be designed in such a way that minimum time is required to remove the coils after winding as the coils will get tighten on the mandrel once wound making it difficult to remove from the mandrel.

Transformer winding machine

For small VA rating transformer winding machines the video can be watched on below link.

The function of the transformer is to change the output voltage value to its input voltage and doing this the output current will also change with its input current while maintaining the VA nearly same at input and output. The VA becomes the rating of any transformer as it indicates the voltage and current rating. Transformer becomes most common electrical part or component of any electrical or electronics equipment or power system. A small device like mobile charger has a transformer as its vital part and so the huge industry also has the transformer at its power receiving end as a vital part. This means the rating of the transformer varies from few VA to MVA. The important part of transformer is winding of wire and this makes the transformer winding machine a most crucial manufacturing equipment to produce transformer.

Transformer winding machine has to be with different winding capabilitiesand different features as it has to manufacture transformers of few VA to MVA ratingsalongwith very low volume to high volume production. Due to this there is different transformer winding machines available in market. Transformer winding machines available are

  • Manual transformer winding machines
  • Programmable transformer winding machines
  • CNC or Automated transformer winding machinestransformer-winding-machine

We have already discussed about manual, programmable and automatic winding machines in past. Manual winding machines are generally considered when the company is just starting to think of manufacturing transformers and needs to build couple of proto type transformers or having limited resources of fund. CNC or automated transformer winding machines are to be considered when you have huge production with very few designs or few variety of transformers to wind. The most recommended winding machines to have in any workshop or shop floor is programmable transformer winding machine due to its features.

Basic requirement the winding machines to have to wind transformer coils are its capability to handle the wire size, bobbin size and speed control. There are no complicated winding patterns required for transformer winding except when we need to wind PT transformers.

Programmable winding machine has the facility to store no. of programs and this makes easy to hold the design of various transformers into the memory of machine which can any time recalled and start winding. The variable speed makes easy in winding as the wide variety of wires(thin and thick) are required as per design of transformer. The thin wire winding requires high speed while thick wire required low speed. Acme Mechatronics, Inc. has variety of transformer winding machines with programmable features depending on its winding capabilities. Three most suitable models are AEH-01, AEW-5501,1200RPM and AEH-11. More details and features can be found on our acme mechatronics website

Manual winding machines are the cheapest and most easiest machine to wind coil

Manual Coil Winding Machine

The coils are of infinite design and applications and so the winding machine has to be there to make such coils. Manual winding machines are the cheapest and most easiest machine to wind coil. To build the coil the most important part is the rotation of the coil on which the wire is been wound. Hence the spindle becomes important part of the manual winding machine. A simple counter is coupled to the spindle rotation to display the turns wound on the coil. The counter is having reset options when a new coil is wound.

In manual winding machine the spindle can be rotated with two options. One is with hand and other with the motor coupled on the spindle. Manual winding machines came with the solution to wind coils. The machine is simple that it can be built at any workshop. When the coils are to be wound in few numbers or when the coils are been under development, manual winding machines are the best option as the cost of the machine justifies the requirement. Manual winding machine also sometimes come with traverse mechanism which is manually handled. With the help of this traverse the spreading of the turns wound is better and it would not be dependable on the operator.

The switching of the direction of layer is done manually by the operator by just shifting the lever form left to right or from right to left. This traverse is coupled with the spindle rotation through the rubber roller and gears. In other words the manual winding machine with only spindle has been incorporated with the traverse unit to minimise the operator’s skills requirement. The picture is of manual winding machine with spindle and counter alongwith handle to rotate the spindle manually.


With manual winding machine there are some limitations as mentioned below:

  1. Basic coil can be wound with poor quality.
  2. The turns cannot be accurate as well the tension of the wire will not be equal.
  3. The time taken to wind the coils is more.
  4. The repeatability of the coil is not possible and there will be difference in every coil.
  5. Somewhat skilled operator is required to perform the winding as both the hands are used to wind the coil and it is not easy for unexperienced operator to rotate the spindle and guide the wire at a time with two hands.
  6. Chances of getting hurt as the fine wire sometimes cuts the figure.

Due to many disadvantages, Acme Mechatronics, Inc. have developed coil winding machine with programmable functions so the best quality of coils can be wound with high production and high repeatability. Acme Mechatronics offers wide variety of machines to wind simple to complex coils with automated functions.

What is Coil Winding Machine?

In today’s world the technology plays major role in once life. And so as the technology is driven by one or the other form of the power, electrical power is also a major form of energy. In electrical power some of the components are used as a default and one of the component is coil. Mostly coil is used to generate magnetic field which is later used for various ways like stepping up the voltage, stepping down the voltage or only as a purely magnetic field. The coils will vary in size and quantity. So to produce the coils, machine is used which is termed as a coil winding machine. Basic function of this machine is to rotate the wire on any form of the core or bobbin or air.


Coil winding machine is having two major functional parts.

First is the rotating spindle and the second is the wire layering traverse. In short Spindle assembly and traverse mechanism are two major parts of winding machine while other parts may be part of the machine but its optional.

Spindle assembly can be rotated by various forces like hand or by motor. When the spindle is rotated by hand, it is generally called as hand winding machine or manual winding machine and when the motor is used to rotate the spindle, it is termed as motorized coil winding machine. The main function of the spindle is to rotate the bobbin or core on which wire is been wound which is called coiling of the wire. Now depending on the wire size and final coil weight alongwith the production required, either it can be hand rotated or with motor. Various HP motors are selected depending on the weight of the coil after winding. When the production required is too low then manually rotated spindle is generally preferred.

While when the coils are with high no. of turns or needs high production, motorized spindle is required. The spindle is coupled with the counter which displays no. of turns wound as the coil function on no. of turns. In the coils, there is requirement to include more turns in limited space of the bobbin and this need arise the requirement of the system which can spread the turns wound evenly or proper wound layer. The traverse mechanism performs this function of proper spreading of the turns. This traverse is either mechanically coupled with the rotation of the spindle motor or separate motor is used to move the traverse mechanism. When the spindle is rotating, the traverse unit is also moving synchronously as per the wire diameter so that the turns are been spread adjacent to each other. When one layer is completed the traverse unit will change its direction of moving so the second layer is been wound over the previous layer. The changing direction of the traverse unit can be either manually or automatic. The most important factor of the machine is the synchronization of the spindle with the traverse with respect to the wire diameter.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. has expertise is designing various coil winding machines with highest degree of accuracy w.r.t. the synchronization between spindle and the traverse as this is been controlled by electronics circuit and not any mechanical part. The traverse unit reduces the speed or increases its speed w.r.t. the rotating speed of the spindle.

Types of Coil Winding Machine:

Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer

Today’s world is growing fast and so the requirement of the automated products. When any product is automated, there will the some sort of power used which might be either electrical mechanical or both. Almost all the products operated by electrical power will have coils to transform the power in one or the other way. This makes the requirement of the coil winding machines in the manufacturing of product involving of using electrical power. Due to this the coil winding machine requirement is intensive in today’s Industries.

The function of the coils in the product is either to convert the level of the power in form of current or voltage or frequency. Depending on this the coils are designed and as per the coils the winding machines are required. The coils might have few turns to thousands of turns in single coil. This makes the requirement of the coil winding machine which can be hand operated, semi-automatic coil winding machines or complete automatic coil winding system.

coil-winding-machine-usaHand operated winding machines are simple and can also be build in-house or at college with very little knowledge of mechanical rotating components. This hand operated machines can be used to wind the coils where the coils have few turns to hundreds of turn in the coil. Basic hand operated coil winding machine consist of the handle mounted on the gear and with multi gears the shaft is mounted on the final output gear on which the coils are rotated. When the multi gears are involved the labour of the operator to rotate the coil is drastically reduced as for single manually rotation of the handle, multi turns are been wound on the coil.

Semiautomatic coil winding machines are the one where basis winding operation is done by the machine which can be achieved either by mechanical or electronics control. While other operation like loading or unloading of the coils is done by the operator including wire termination. Basic requirement of the coiling parameters like no. of turns to be wound, width of the coil within which the wire is to be wound are controlled by the machine. Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is involved in manufacturing semi automatic coil winding machines in wide range to fulfil the coiling requirement for wide applications.

Automatic coil winding machines are the one where all the coiling operation is been done by the machine. The turns in the coils may be in thousands. This automatic coil winding machines will perform the loading of coils, winding and unloading of coils including wire termination.

Every type of coil winding machines has its own pros and cons. We will discuss each and every type of machines in depth in future.

Acme Mechatronics, Inc. is expert in the field of the coil winding machines and can be visited at for any of your queries about coils or coil winding machines.

The Fundamentals of a Toroidal Coil Winding Machine

Toroidal coils form an integral part of many electrical and electronic innovations. For those who do not have much information about Toroidal coils, such coils are toroids (a donut-like shape) precisely wrapped with a metal coil. Copper wires are used in wrapping these coils. This component is used in transformers and inductors. When such coils are manufactured in a variety of dimensions and materials, it enables them to be used in various applications which are mentioned below:

  • Toroidal coils help control the performance of current toroid-winding-machinetransformers, power transformers, potential transformers and inductors.
  • These coils also help to reduce the resistance in electrical and electronic setup.
  • They are used in audio systems, UPS, light fixtures, medical electronic gadgets, robotic assemblies, etc.
  • In the automobile industry, toroidal coils are also used in the form of ignition coils to generate a controlled magnetic field.
  • One of the most prominent advantages of using them is that they do not leak much energy into their surroundings.

High-efficiency toroid coil winding machines wrap solenoids and toroids with copper wire. Toroidal coil winding machines are now required in every production and manufacturing industry. These machines are needed for countless electrical products. The process of toroidal winding requires the need for the transfer of wire from main spool to a circular magazine. After that the wire is unwounded from the magazine onto a magnetic core.

Coil winding machines are available in the market with manual or automated mechanism. They are used for winding individual coils or a group of coils. A coil is termed as a chain of loops. The winding equipment possesses inbuilt accessories some of which include inductors, coils, multi-featured and multi-functional transformers, choke and relay in a few models etc.

Toroidal winding machines must be designed with utmost perfection so that they can be used easily. Some machines are designed in such a way that they can be controlled by microprocessors. Tape head control, quick change winding heads, wire length calculation, cascading, deceleration etc. are many other features that can be installed in the machine for easier use. Toroidal coil winding machines are in heavy demand since they have high functioning, low maintenance, smooth working and are reliable and long lasting.

With the changing times, many coil winding machine manufacturers are coming up with a medium to large capacity machines to meet their customers’ requirements. At ACME Mechatronics, you can avail multiple sizes and unique products which can suffice all your specific needs. Our winding machines are able to give precise control of winding tension and durable life so as to assure customer’s satisfaction to the highest level. We also design machines that can cater random layer windings. Our toroidal winding machines can be used for production of transformer primary windings, high frequency toroidal coils, energy meter coils, etc.

If you are looking for a toroidal winding machine, then you can undoubtedly choose ACME as your go-to dealer. You can trust us because we use premium quality materials. Our skilled and experienced engineers keep a regular quality check on the machinery. Call us now and get the quotes!